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Remote building logistics are a nightmare

Getting into community, employing local people, and getting the job done can seem like a real challenge.

Because we can relate to community, these challenges are minimised.

DICE is Cal Accredited

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DICE Australia

Developing positive impact in NT communities shouldn't be such a struggle.

Office Fit Out by DICE Australia

New Office Design and Construction

Design and construction of a new office fit-out for Yilli Rreung Aboriginal Housing Corporation.
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“Yilli appreciate the commitment and dedication of the DICE team with the offer of 24/7 service, 365 days a year. Not only have the team at DICE made an effort to include local community members...they have never failed to deliver on time and within budget. There is an obvious commitment to deliver quality in all projects.”

John Adams

Work and Projects Manager, Yilli Housing

Your Remote Construction Success Plan

Select a proven remote builder

We know country. We have the relationships and processes to get the job done.

We take care of absolutely everything

When challenges arise, we push through - doing what it takes to make your project a success.

Make your project a success

Meet and exceed your KPIs, budgets, and impact goals. Be proud of the project you’ve delivered.

Why we're the first choice for remote construction projects.

Logistics is a major hurdle to delivering a successful remote construction project.

Project teams are under constant pressure to deliver on time and on budget. The last thing you want is to get a phone call from a builder complaining that something “just cannot be done”.

You want a construction team that understands the challenges of working remotely, plans to overcome them, and takes care of everything from mobilisation to demobilisation.

We understand your priorities, the pitfalls of remote projects, and how to overcome them without making it your problem.

Public organisations; from Government agencies to Aboriginal corporations choose DICE because we have a proven track record for delivery. We’re a 100% Indigenous owned and run construction company. Our focus is on executing successful construction projects that create lasting impact within the communities we work.

How often has a builder made you look bad? What happens when you set clear expectations for project success and the builder doesn’t deliver? After all, it’s not just about the construction requirements – you want to leave behind positive change in the community.

On every project, we aim to hire local Indigenous people and Territorian workers to help us build their community. Suppliers, subcontractors and our workforce is 100% Territory people. Profits stay in the NT, helping Territorians.

You want to hire local, but you need the project to succeed. You need a “sure thing”. That’s our difference. When you hire our Indigenous organisation, the logistical problems that typically plague remote construction projects are minimised because we know how to relate and work on country.

Getting the job done is the baseline. Table stakes. Like us, you want to deliver complete project outcomes and sustainable impact that improves social and employment opportunities in remote NT communities.

That’s what we do.

How NT Government and public organisations create positive impact with DICE Construction.

Learn how a 100% Northern Territory, Indigenous owned construction company is creating sustainable impact and employment in remote communities through successful building and infrastructure projects.

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